Home Decor – Decorating for Summer

Happy summer, everyone. It happened yesterday, but since it was storming here with tornado watches, you may have missed it! The weather has been varied, but we know the heat and humidity is coming. It’s time to look around our homes and take stock of our Home Decor and bring summer inside.

Put away heavy-looking throws and pillows, and replace them with linen or cotton ones in summery colors of turquoise, yellows, oranges, pinks and lavenders. Remember when folks long ago (maybe not so long ago for some of us) had as part of their home furnishings, heavy drapes of velvet and damask in the winter to stop the cold drafts from sneaking in around the windows? They would change the drapes out in the summer for lighter fabrics and throw open their windows. Nowadays we’re lucky we have air conditioning, but if you have, say, antique satin lined drapes, you can still bring summery home accents into your rooms by changing-up your drapes to light and airy lace, silks, and voiles.

Treat yourself to a little shopping trip for some unique decorations that the stores are showing for this season. Why not get some new designer gifts to spread around your living area, like aromatic candles in fruity or flowery blends? While air conditioning is great for comfort, I miss the smell of garden flowers wafting into my home on a gentle summer breeze. Pick up a few extra candles while you’re at it to have on hand as hostess or housewarming gifts for all those summer parties you’ve been invited to.

And of course, don’t forget to bring flowers into your home cut fresh from your garden. I love roses and I’m always having to replace a few bushes every year – maddening – but I can’t stop myself from replanting every year. They can be stingy with how many blooms they give you, but as home accents in my home décor, they are hard to beat.

And finally, buy something personally for yourself for having such a great sense of style in bringing summer into your home! Why not choose some new bath and body products in summery essences, or a perfume or best cologne in a light, clean fragrance?

We hope you’ll find our product offerings add to the serenity of your home and enhance the enjoyment of your surroundings.

Vintage and Retro Home Decor

Nostalgia has been apart of the human being since ancient times and the so-called retro culture a today’s fact. Therefore, when it comes to decorating with vintage motifs, there is no reason to feel “Démodé”.

Far from being out of fashion, vintage and retro decor is a popular trend nowadays. They said that the Internet has erased geographical boundaries, but we can add that the World Wide Web has also trespassed into the limits of time and space.

Reminiscent of things past are available on the net in too many manifestations, some are original and some others a faithful replica of their originals. Retrospective in home decor and fashion can fill thousand catalogs.

Although you can focus your mind on your preferred period of time to begin developing a home decor plan, one of the most popular retro motifs, include vintage items from the 1950’s.

Rock & Roll and modernity meet each other during such decade, which many of its vestiges are displayed right here, browsing our website’s pages. We have a number of retro and vintage items from the 1950’s, including exact home decor reproduction gifts for your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room.

However, we have covered many other areas and many other periods of time to choose from. One of the things that make retro decor a popular trend is the fact that even the most simple and small motif has the power to bring back pleasant memories or nostalgic wishes.

As an example, if your childhood is closely related to the 50’s or 60’s, kitchen retro motifs can bring to your mind the sweet memories of homemade cakes or similar moments shared with your family, enjoying items that today sometimes look somewhat funny.

Other times, such memories do not exist as a real thing but as a wish leaving deep in your heart. As example, you may like the idea to live as if this period of time was the 1940’s and decorating your home accordingly, without actually have an associated memory to such timeline.

In fact, some couples are living in a retrospective way, as featured on the TV History Channel. Many reproductions from a bygone era are what you will find in our website. You will discover over 900 retro and vintage home decor reproductions to match your style.

There is no need to study history to feel in love with the past. Browsing our items, you will understand what we are talking about. If you have a shade of doubt about love at first sight, you will soon discover that it exists and you will fall in love with our retro home decor reproductions.

Some people, however, are not as devoted to pastimes to go and change modern decor for retro nostalgia. Nevertheless, there is almost no person who does not have a vintage favorite to collect. From coke retro items, to collectible vintage cars, if you do not find enough motifs to redecorate your home with nostalgic air, you will always find a great detail for a special present to your favorite person.

Exaltation of the post is a matter of attitude. You can mix both, present and past into a harmonious and unique setting that makes your home the place where you enjoy living. There is no place like home, and there is no other website like this, the place to find attractive items that otherwise you will not find in the store around the corner.

Through our different categories, you will find seasonal items to catch up on your Christmas list, as well as classic items such as Coca Cola machines and 50’s retro kitchen decor and decor motifs. We have also a selected list of items that include Porcelain signs, ornaments, jars and bottles.

Today, you can enjoy symbols that identified a generation, such as route 66, popcorn bowls and jukeboxes, or choose from classy antique labels and vintage linens to find a special gift, including an original one for an upcoming wedding or birthday.

Whatever your motivation could be, do not forget to pay a visit to our section of new arrivals to grab before anyone else our novelties collection, or discover excellent deals inside our clearance pages.

We can guarantee you pleasant retro moments, quality products and original presents and home decor.